As A Local Business, You Are Either Marketing ON The Internet
OR You’re Losing Market Share To The Competitors Who Are


As a local business owner, you and I both know that almost all forms of print advertising are dead, the Yellow Pages are dead, Radio and TV are still too expensive and even then they are dying in relation to what’s possible on the internet.

Plus almost all ads these days lead back to the internet anyway.

You Need To Be Advertising On The Internet
But You Knew That Right?

Listed below are the marketing methods you need to be implementing in your business if you want to succeed online (period). And I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Your best results come from using a top down marketing process, meaning that you are only as strong as your weakest link; each marketing tactic or method below builds on the next starting right at the top moving down.

1. Reputation “Marketing”

Without a 5 star reputation online you are losing more customers than you’ll ever gain. 3 out of 4 people check your reviews first, before ever committing to do business with you (based on a 2011 Nielsen Survey). If your reputation “sucks” then ALL of your other marketing efforts suffer (see below). Using my proprietary system you can reap the benefits of never having to worry about bad reviews holding you OR your advertising back. [Get Started Here]

2. ReMarketing

This is a powerful internet marketing method not known by many – and very under utilized: in a nutshell what happens is this — when a person visits your website they are “tagged” as a potential prospect and then everywhere they surf online they are shown a branded ad for you and your business, bringing them “back” to your website. [Get Started Here]

3. Pay Per Click Advertising

Google, Yahoo and Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn all have a “paid” ads program that can literally drive search visitors to your website immediately – right at the moment they are looking for you, your service and what you have to offer. Used properly this can be a major traffic source for your business and this can be implemented for your business right away.
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4. YouTube / Video Marketing

Don’t think a local business can use video to generate business online? I’m here to tell you that YouTube is such a powerful marketing platform (if used correctly) that it can literally drive the lions share of your leads from the internet all by itself (no matter what your business niche is). This one area of internet marketing is wide open right now, ready for you to start capturing more leads and business than you can imagine – and my YouTube marketing system will put your local business on the cutting edge; this is a game changer. [Get Started Here]

5. Maps and/or Local Listings

Every local business has the opportunity to show up at the top of the local map listings when potential customers are searching online – yet most do nothing with this opportunity. My system and process can boost your listing above the local competitors and make you the obvious choice.
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6. Blogging

Many local businesses have put this off as a fad, yet done properly and regularly blogging gives you the ability to control and dominate the local search results for any niche imaginable. Using my blogging system I can show you how to rank locally for any search term within 1 hour.
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7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Consider this “votes” for your website – if you have no votes in the search engines your website(s) simply do not rank, and no rankings means no business online. My proprietary “SEO” system provides the slow and steady growth of votes you need to stay viable with your natural search engine rankings. [Get Started Here]

8. Social Media Marketing

Implementing social media marketing is crucial to your current customers, your potential customer base and it’s even important to the search engines as a “signal” of your value online. My proprietary Social Media System can plug your online presence directly into the social properties that count and put you light year ahead of the competition. [Get Started Here]


Here’s What You Should Do Next…

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