Google Plus – How To NOT Get Left Behind

If You Bet Against The Internet In 2012; You’re Going To Lose!



Google Plus, Your Business, And The Future Of Internet Marketing…

Google recently bet $585 Million on their new “Google Plus” platform (Google’s answer to Facebook & Twitter) – and they are finally serious about “Social Media”.

I challenge you to perform a Google search for any search term in your market and find Facebook or Twitter on the first page of results; and for that matter, I challenge you to find Google’s competition in the results at all. That’s not by chance, but by design.

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Frankly, Facebook and Twitter are popular yes, however using them for “business” online is utterly useless – especially when it comes to generating leads and calls for a local business.

Who cares that Facebook has 500 Million plus users, how do you use that info to drive your online business? In my opinion and experience, you don’t.

In walks Google +, delivering more tools to build your business than any other social media platform, and even better yet – Google is moving toward a “Social Results” model where you will ONLY see search results from people being “social” on their Google + account.

Let me say that again (and this is the big take away)…

In the next 12-24 months “you will ONLY see search results from people being “social” on their Google + account”.

Right now 80% of the online searchers see “organic” results and the “10 ton speeding bus coming down the pike, looking to side swipe every local business and end that era is the Google + results” — which Google is moving quickly toward.

Makes you want to go out right now and setup your own Google + account (it’s free to do so by the way) however I’ll warn you here….

WARNING! if you setup your Google + account wrong and use it in the wrong way, you are as dead in the water as if you never set it up in the first place.

Typical of Google, they create awesome tools, yet give you no real direction on how to use them properly, or even why to use them – the new Google + system is no different.

How do I know? Well, if you know me you know what I’m going to say – “I’ve tested it, and I’ve seen what works myself” – and it’s not intuitive.

In fact, the Google + system by itself is nothing but a Ferrari without an engine, looks pretty but goes no where.

What makes the Google + system work is about a dozen tools and services that Google doesn’t even own, nor do they tell you they integrate with – and unless you are some over obsessed web marketing fanatic like me, you’ll probably spin your wheels wondering why it doesn’t work.

Side Note: what do I mean by “it doesn’t work” — well, when I say that I mean this; using Google + properly will rank you, your website and your online persona/content very highly when your target market searches for you (just like what was possible with the old organic results); if your website is setup to convert visitors to leads, calls and more business then you are golden. Period.

Without a presence on Google + (and more importantly, one that is done properly), you will be non existent when people search for your business or niche online in the near future.

Evolve or die OR RATHER Google + (properly) or die

Is this hype? Am I being overly enthusiastic/dramatic?

Absolutely not and here is exactly why.

Google has spent most of it’s life battling against search engine manipulators (like me) and they have hired some of the most brilliant minds to solve “search engine results manipulation” issues with a vengeance.

Google + is their best solution yet; keeping in line with their goal to deliver the best, most relevant search results – Google realizes that showing search results that weigh heavily on “social triggers” or “conversations” in a niche, then their results can be driven by the real world, real people, having real conversations and connections. That’s exactly what Google + fosters and promotes.

Social results and buzz are the reason Facebook and Twitter have done so well on their own without Google; however since 85%+ of the online searches eminate from Google, the Google + social results are poised to take over.

When was the last time you went to Facebook and/or Twitter and did a “search”?

Probably never, however each has it’s own search capability.

Google dominates search; and now with Google + they plan to dominate social. Like it or not if the 800 pound gorilla in the room pounds it’s fist then you might want to take notice.

Google + is the fist pounding; and I’m here to show you how to handle the beast.

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