Instagram Marketing Basics

Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms available today. More and more businesses are eager to establish a strong presence on this network and encourage their prospects’ engagement. Today, over 300 million people have logged in on Instagram. 200 million more instagrammers access their accounts on a weekly basis. They all share a total of 95 million photos and videos each day. Imagine how much your business can grow if you would just tap into the power of Instagram.

The good news is that no matter the type of audience you have, Instagram is the perfect network to reach it. This network allows you to easily interact with your prospects and grow your brand’s image. The big question is: How can you make the most out of Instagram?

How can you stand out of the crowd and make your photos & videos visible to your target audience? How can you create beautiful content that goes viral on Instagram? How can you capitalize on the huge potential of Instagram and monetize your business on this platform?

The trick to using Instagram is to focus on the user behavior rather than on the reach. Each instagrammer is different and likes to connect directly with the brand in a different way. By narrowing down your niche and by understanding how your prospects think and act, you will be able to keep them engaged and boost your presence on this network.

Instagram – A True Goldmine for Marketers

According to the most recent Forrester research, the engagement rate on Instagram is around 4%, which is huge compared to the 0.1% on Facebook and Twitter. Iconsquare states that 70% of Instagram users have looked up a brand on the platform before interacting with it or making a purchase, while 62% of Instagram users are already following their favorite brands on this platform.

The great news is that only 36% of marketers use Instagram, compared to over 93% who use Facebook. (according to Selfstart). This is why Instagram is a true goldmine and has such a huge potential for both small and large corporations.

Once you know how to capitalize on the power of Instagram, you will be able to influence your prospects’ buying decisions. Moreover, if you manage to strike the right balance between your content and your customers’ needs, your audience will be more than eager to buy from you. However, to get there, you need to follow a few simple Instagram marketing tips.

Top 5 Instagram Marketing Strategies

1. Leverage the Power of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories, a new feature released back in August 2016, allows you to share unique moments of the day that disappear after 24 hours. Use this feature to engage your customers at a deeper level and show them what happens behind the scenes. For example, if you own a SEM company, you could post a short video with your employees having fun at the office while delivering an AdWords project.

2. Take Great Photos

Your success on Instagram is directly dependent on taking high-quality photos. A good camera phone would do, but it is better if you use a high-performance DSLR camera. In case you opt for the latter, ensure that the camera has Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity to easily transfer the photos to your phone.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are not good just for Tweets or Facebook posts. If you manage to find 10-15 hashtags and build your brand around them, you will be able to set yourself apart in the market. Your prospects will definitely appreciate you for using personalized hashtags.

4. Cross Promote your Instagram Posts

Another great marketing strategy for Instagram is to share your photos and videos to all other social media profiles – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc. At the end of the post, invite your social media subscribers to also follow you on Instagram. This way you will increase your reach and boost your brand’s presence on other channels.

5. Be Friendly

Lastly, do not forget to be friendly with your Instagram community. Respond to your prospects’ questions, keep them informed and treat them respectfully. Say thank you. Connect with them at a deeper level. Listen to their needs.

Your success on Instagram is soon to follow if you use these strategies.

To maximize your impact on Instagram, here are other Instagram tips to keep in mind

– Ensure that your posts fit in your brand’s image: it can be quite tempting to share photos with fashion or food, but if you are in the IT business for example, you should focus on your specific services. At best, take a group photo with your team eating pizza, but do not focus on food or other trends that are popular on Instagram now. Your Instagram strategy should fit into your brand strategy and should complement your business profile.

– Do not share links in Instagram captions: you probably want to drive people to your landing page. We all want that. However, on Instagram, remember that links do not work in captions. The only working link is on your profile. Instead, drive prospects to your profile and let them enter your landing page from there.

– Run promotions and giveaways: another great strategy to boost your brand’s presence on Instagram is to post images advertising your giveaways, contests or sales. Create specific hashtags for each promotion and ask people to repost your image.

– Embed Instagram posts on your website: ultimately, you should get an embed code from your Instagram account (the desktop version) and add your Instagram posts to your website. This shows your website visitors that you are active on this platform and helps them engage with you easier.


Instagram is an untapped gold-mine in 2017. However, more and more marketers are coming to discover the potential this network has for their business. Follow the strategies and techniques presented in this article and leverage the huge potential of Instagram for your brand and gain an edge over your competitors.

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